Digital Services for Financial Institutions

We believe that customers should have a great experience with your institution whether in-person, or anywhere else... Apollo Infinity provides seamless delivery of your services to your customers, wherever they may be.

We have totally transformed our way of working from labourious and paper based to efficient, automated and streamlined. The Apollo system is ideal for Credit Unions, easy to use, and all our staff think it's amazing. We love the mobile app too and the online management system as a whole and more importantly so do our members. I've worked for LASER Credit Union for 8 years and can honestly say that making the decision to work with the Apollo team has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

CEO, LASER Credit Union

Apollo Mobile App

All of your services available within an app customised to the needs of your organisation and customers. Our apps are for everyone, for all age groups, and designed with accessibility support for visually impaired or deaf customers. The apps are written natively for iPhone and Android, and can be searched in the App Store and Google Play. Native apps are seen by users as ‘real apps’, unlike any non-native alternatives, which resort to mobile websites instead.


Our automatic promotion system can identify when a customer becomes eligible for loans or whether it's time for them to review their personal information and take proactive measures.

Live Balance Enquiries

20% of a customers savings account balance pledged against their loan
Must have a minimum account balance of £1
Must retain 60 days worth of loan payments in their savings

Do you have rules such as a customer needing to keep 60 days worth of loan repayments in their share account? No problem! Apollo Infinity is customised specifically for your organisation, taking into consideration all of your policy and procedures.


Customer access to their transaction history, including pending transactions and an explanation next to each entry.

Account Analysis

Our automatic analysis may be used to identify trends with customers and promote your services to suit. Imagine the possibilities in knowing with a customers consent, what they are going to buy.

How many of your customers are saving for a big purchase? Opportunities include helping them earlier with responsible purchases by promoting a loan so they can buy it now and pay the remainder off later.

How many of your customers have a typical monthly financial pattern by which they save, spend, borrow, pay off? Help recognise and avoid destructive monthly cycles or spirals by offering a consolidation loan.

If you have a debit card attached to the account you may be able to identify further spending such as a big purchase and offer to let them pay it off over a period of time.

Digital Forms

Modern organisations should be able to operate around the clock, even if you don't have a customer service team staffed 24/7. Our digital forms allow your customers complete access to their account, where they can update their details and you can have the change request waiting for you automatically as soon as you re-open.

Loan Portal

If you have more than a single loan and savings account available, it's important for customers to be able to understand their eligibility. The loan portal cuts through the complexity of eligibility requirements with a simple, easy to use portal showing what products are available and explaining why.

We develop this as a bespoke service to each organisation so any complex rules in your loan policy are accommodated.

Scheduled Payments

Show customers payment due dates and amounts. By linking scheduled payments with the partner portal, employer deductions can be seen changing in real time.

Apollo Web

All of the functionality available within the Apollo Mobile App can easily be embedded into your existing website to give customers choice and flexibility in how they engage with your services. Apollo Web is included in all Apollo Infinity packages.


To enable capturing of pay data in a secure fashion, the employer partner portal lets you set up schedules that will be used to remind your employer partners to upload their payroll data for verification. A series of checks will be made to assess the suitability of this file which can then be processed by your organisation.

After verification this data can be used to directly import data into the core banking system, subject to clearance.


Grant secure access to partners without placing additional demand on your staff, so they can access limited amounts of information to enable cooperation with your organisation with the latest data available. This functionality is designed for cases where you may have a reciprocal agreement set up for the well being of your customers.


If you have workplace representatives in place to help new customers sign-up or apply for services such as loans, then this portal can let your rep assist other people with the process. Reports may be made on your representatives so you can appraise who is best representing your organisation.

Responsibility for Customers

Customers who are vulnerable or in other challenging circumstances can be flagged, perhaps to ensure they are only handled by your staff with specialised training, or perhaps to orchestrate occasional checks.

Account Activity

Empower authorised staff to access a full history of accounts and see what information was changed, and by whom. This activity forms part of the audit trail that is enabled by default.


Running a hot promotion that you want to target to your customers? Features including app push notifications, text messages and nag screens are designed to deliver maximum visibility to your target selection.

Planning a seasonal promotion such as a Christmas loan can ease the 'holiday rush' of typical loan departments if set up to gradually roll out across your whole customer base, allowing you to give customers an equally consistent service level while processing the loan.


Avoid frustrated customers venting to the world. You want to hear about any negative feelings directly and first hand. If you make it easy for people to complain, then they will complain to you first and give you an opportunity to resolve the issue. All customer correspondence is organised and archived so you can see the status of each complaint and escalate it if needed.

Realtime Chat

A lifesaver for any hard of hearing or deaf customers, it lets your customers interact with you securely without picking up the phone or waiting for emails. Efficient also for the organisation, as the system means that you can help multiple people at the same time rather than individually.

All responses are stored on the case, whether it is a loan or a general member enquiry


Real-time messages between your staff and your customers, you can both see 'is typing' so there is no needlessly waiting around.

Accept messages overnight so you have a clear set of 'unread' messages for you the next morning, each one attached nearly to the case so you don't need to scrabble to find what the message relates to.

Third Party Integration Usage

Fees for services you are using such as bank checks, credit searches and postcode lookups can often be obfuscated with complex bills from third-parties. Our third party report shows simply the number of requests from Apollo to these third-parties so you can corroborate the invoices from these organisations directly to the number of requests made.

Live reports

As Apollo works in real-time, your reports can be generated at any point capturing activity that might not have made its way to your back office yet, meaning you get the freshest information down to the number of people half way through filling in a loan form.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Knowing exactly where you stand on a day-to-day basis is extremely important for the sustainability of your organisation.

Our dashboards use live data giving you an immediate view on performance. This includes statistics such as loan to share ratio, any pending withdrawals, total assets and outstanding loan balances for your organisation.

Historic information on loan applications, statistics on form submissions and drop-out rates on loans is also provided.


We respect the exclusive relationship you share with your customers, and so our services never intrude on this relationship. We brand all public services to your organisation and keep our involvement low key or invisible.

Colours and Branding

All our services can be customised to include the use of your branding and colours. This customisation includes thoughtful touches throughout, including the styling of the forms the customers will fill in, your app icon that appears on a customers smartphone, and many others.

Existing Website Integration

Our technology allows us to implement our services within your existing website by securely injecting a portal on to certain pages. This allows our new functionality to work without affecting your online branding, the overall function of your website, or requiring the customer to be taken away from your site.

This is especially important to know if you have a website that you keep fresh with regularly updated content, as you can still promote your own services without interruption or interference.

Apollo Infinity can use third-party data to ensure you have accurate information at all times.

Bank Validation and Ownership

We check bank accounts against modulus checks and optionally against the names/addresses of customers, to give you peace of mind that the bank details are correct and the money is being transferred to the correct person.

Address/Postcode Validation

Having postcode lookup fields means that a customer doesn't have to fill out the entire address, reducing the possibility of mistakes and encouraging participation and better customer experience through ease of use.

Automatic Data Cleansing

Automatically identify customers that might have stale data or customers that haven't been in contact recently. Prompt them to update their details and if they don't respond, be made aware of an opportunity for you to allocate them to an outreach team.

Email Checks

When a customer has to enter an email address we perform checks to see if emails can be received at that address. Optionally, link with data from credit reference agencies to see how long that email address has been in use.

Delegating tasks around your organisation can be challenging, including keeping track of responsibilities and progress made.

Ease this challenge with our powerful but lightweight purpose built task management platform. A giant 'shared inbox' that you can search, delegate, assign, process, reply, or any combination of the above. It is fully integrated with the digital forms available to customers and understands GDPR consents.

Migrating away from a shared inbox in your email client is made easy with the system accepting incoming emails to your existing addresses like


A full audit history is provided, showing exactly what was performed to complete tasks. Mandatory functions such as e-Discovery, subject access requests and machine readable exports are included, circumventing additional workload threatened by GDPR.


Set up rules without any code so tasks can be automatically directed or redirected to the right colleagues. The advanced rules allow a task not picked up in a specific amount of time to be automatically escalated.


Tasks are archived after a period of time and are permanently stored in the system, accessible only by privileged customers of your staff to minimise the risk of data loss/leaking.

Warning: Tech ahead.

Developer Friendly

If you have your own developers or integrators then they will feel comfortable with Apollo Infinity, it is built from the ground up to be integrated with. Our documentation is published with OpenAPI and we firmly believe that for any software system to reach its potential, its services must be available to all .


We have multiple versions of the systems which are safe and sandboxed that your developers can interact with to build their systems into. Once they are comfortable the link works, we can open it up to the live version safe in the knowledge that it has been tested.


A webhook is a 'poke' when something happens. We can 'poke' your system in different ways so it can respond immediately when an event occurs in our system (like the moment a document has been e-signed) so you can hook into this and your systems can perform any actions they might need to in response to the event.

Technical Support

We support our own services with our own developers, so if you need any help then be reassured that there are no third party call centres or other frustrating hoops to jump through. Perfect if you have technical staff that need to talk to us.

Disaster Recovery

Our systems are backed up every 5 minutes and we test cold restores periodically. As the data is safely encrypted and stored multiple times over multiple physical sites, in the event of a total site loss we can have you up and running quickly again.

The physical platform is housed in a private cloud within Amazon's secure data centres and leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS). The data is physically stored on servers in the cloud based in the European Union and backups are taken every 5 minutes.

Amazon Web Services continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards. Amazon's data centre operations have been accredited under:

ISO 27001
SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402
FISMA Moderate
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

Convenience Security

Protecting your customers accounts is key to our business We are experienced in deploying secure convenience technologies such as Touch ID and Face ID which can help to improve the security overall, however this depends on your risk appetite as you can also elect to disable these on the app.

Layered Security

Whether the system is being used by your staff or your customers, we have many layers of security that protect the data. Our fraud detection system further monitors security by comparing information such as when a customer last accessed a system, whether there has been any recent correspondence with a customer, and manages risk of fraud at a workplace.

Supporting Document Capture

If your loan process requires supporting documentation from a customer then getting that document into your system can be challenging. We have a wide range of methods for accepting this documentation including: Uploads through Web Portal, Email attachments, App upload with mobile device camera, Workplace Rep Upload and Organisation Staff Scan.

Once uploaded it is archived automatically with advanced preview and categorisation options available to support your loans team.

Automatic Decisioning

We can enable your own custom scorecards for automatic decisioning. Non-credit report information such as account balances can be easily implemented too.


All relevant documentation is captured and archived automatically in the cloud within Apollo Infinity and/or stored locally on your own servers. It's all automatic so you never have to file away documents manually again.

Credit Reports

Having credit reports a single click away means you never need to 'double tap' information in as the information submitted is taken from customer records and additional information that the customer filled in during the application process. A full credit report, just like you're already used to is presented and automatically archived.

For customers that perform multiple loan applications, see previous reports to determine whether you need to perform a fresh one.

TransUnion CallReport
Lending Metrics


We have full integration with major e-sign providers. Each just a single click once you're happy with the loan agreement. For automated lending arrangements you can request that this runs automatically

Adobe Sign


Identifying fraudulent lending is paramount to us which is why we perform KYC checks which include verifying that the bank account the loan is paid to belongs to the applicant.

Loqate GBG ID3 Global
TransUnion CallValidate
Equifax AML

We understand the importance of your current infrastructure, and are conservative in our implementation advice and planning. As such we never advise a 'big bang' switch to another provider including us, as this can negatively affect both staff and customers' experiences.


We work alongside your existing software to sync data between the two systems opening up new features gradually giving a smooth transformation. The mix-and-match nature of Apollo Infinity means you can use just the services that you need while keeping your existing software running the functions that you need.

Apollo Core Banking

If you are looking to switch your back-office provider we have our own! Our cloud native core banking means you don't need on-premesis servers, everything is managed safely in the cloud.

As we work closely with our clients, we consider them all partners. We have a vested interest in helping our clients succeed, which is why we try our best to help in any way we can.

"Since the beginning of our professional relationship with VIVA IT they have developed and produced unique and personalised systems for our credit union, improving our services vastly with members."

"Our ideas are always discussed, investigated, and drawn up to the best of their ability, ensuring ours and our customers’ needs are met. During the development process the team always keep in regular contact to ensure we are updated; their dedication is clear and is making an ongoing positive difference with our members."

Executive Director, TransaveUK

"Over the past 10 years our partnership has been key to delivering improvements to the services we offer our members nationwide. They truly understand how we need to communicate and give accessibility to our members, putting their needs at the heart of everything we do. The team behind Apollo have supported us throughout, implementing changes to grow a successful credit union which currently serves over 31,500 members."

CEO, Commsave Credit Union

"Apollo has propelled Erewash Credit Union into the future with modern, bespoke, technological services for our members such as electronic agreements, open banking and automated decision making. This has allowed us to provide effective services to our local community and has reduced our loan decision time frame from 3 working days to same day decisions. Their team is meticulous and knowledgeable of the industry and provide straight forward and easy to follow guidance and training for our officers. I highly recommend their services and look forward to what our partnership brings in the future.’’

Operations Manager, Derbyshire Community Bank

"We never wanted a big bang switch over to our new Apollo loan processing platform, mobile app & secure members area, and they worked with us to deliver a well-managed, phased implementation that suited our team. Apollo team were happy to give us as much testing as we needed to have the confidence to move forward to the next phase in our plan. They are very proactive at making suggestions to improve processes. The new loans process has already saved staff time as Apollo now automatically chases for supporting documents and sends out credit agreements appropriately. The best thing is that it works with our back office system. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Apollo service as they have shown dedication, are highly professional, & always proactive in making our transformation even greater."

Operations Manager, East Sussex Credit Union

"We have totally transformed our way of working from labourious and paper based to efficient, automated and streamlined. The Apollo system is ideal for Credit Unions, easy to use, and all our staff think it's amazing. We love the mobile app too and the online management system as a whole and more importantly so do our members. I've worked for LASER Credit Union for 8 years and can honestly say that making the decision to work with the Apollo team has been one of the best decisions I have ever made."

CEO, LASER Credit Union

"We would recommend Viva IT as a partner organisation because, in the words of my staff, they were pro-active, adaptable, customer-centric, structured and excellent communicators. They provided very good project management on the Apollo systems which was delivered on time and to specification. They avoid using too much jargon."

CEO, Darlington Credit Union

"...Seamless transition to the Apollo mobile App and digital services. Loan processing, decisioning, and esigning were configured to our needs and activated at a pace that suited us. Engaging with the Apollo team feels like a partnership thanks to their genuine commitment to our continuous improvement."

Marketing and Business Development Manager, TransaveUK

Account Portal

Our account portal is embedded into your existing website and is white-labelled. Your members do not need to access a separate site to access their account, and will not look out of place on your website.

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